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New Brew Swirl


We started New Brew with the mission of reintroducing plants into the ceremony of drinking here in the US. Our first beverage features two of them – kratom leaf and kava root. We believe both of them have a place in that ceremony. Kratom and kava are powerful plants with real effects, which is why they have found a place in human cultures for thousands of years. But they are new to most Americans.


Kratom LEAF

Kratom leaf grows on a tropical evergreen tree that is native to a few different countries in Southeast Asia. The plant has a long history of traditional use in its native regions where it has been used for various purposes, including as an energy booster, mood enhancer, and productivity tool. In this traditional setting, kratom leaf is typically brewed into a tea or chewed.



Kava root is native to the South Pacific islands. Kava has a long history of traditional use in this region in ceremonies, rituals, and social gatherings for its ability to increase sociability and positively alter one’s mood. “You cannot hate with kava in you, so it is used in the making up of quarrels, and in peacemaking,” remarked one anthropologist in an early 1930’s look into the plant's role in the culture of Vanuatu.


Kratom Leaf

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family of plants that is native to mainland Southeast Asia. The leaves of the kratom plant contain a broad spectrum of 40+ alkaloids, of which mitragynine is the most prominent and well known.

Kratom effects
7,8-Dihydrokavain, Methysticin, Kavain, Yangonin, Desmethoxyyangonin

Kava Root

Kava is a shrub in the pepper family native to Vanuatu and islands in Polynesia. Its roots contains lactones responsible for its unique effects. Of the 15 lactones isolated from kava, 6 major lactones (kavalactones) are known to provide psychoactive activity: kawain, methysticin, demethoxy-yangonin, dihydrokawain, dihydomethysicin, & yongonin.

Kava effects
New Brew Berry, Mango and Citrus

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