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UFC Champion Max Holloway x New Brew

Max HollowayNew Brew

Unlocking Peak Performance: How UFC Champion Max Holloway finds his flow state with New Brew.

5 stars

I saw a lot of reviews and decided to try it and I’m so glad I did! I love it, it tastes great and it’s refreshing!

Marylyn B.
5 stars

I love New Brew as a studio companion! It helps me focus and lifts my mood when I am in the creative stage.

Kimberly V.
5 stars

This drink changed my life. I love it around 4pm, winding down from a day of work. It's rejuvenating. I never thought I'd look forward to this time of day!

Zachariah S.
5 stars

F**king incredible! Great boost for long day of work or a chill walk

Katelyn R.
5 stars

There’s SO much that I wanna say here, but I’m just gonna sum it all up to that New Brew does what it says it’s gonna do for you :). I’m super happy that I found another resource that I can keep in my arsenal of feel good wellness products☺️!

Nadia C.
5 stars

15+ years alcohol-free and think i've found my special occasion beverage. great flavor, just the right mellow, and supporting a cool company as well. either i'm late and have been missing out, or the world needs to know about this.

Andy S.
5 stars

I recently retired from the U.S. Army after 38 years. I also have moderate PTSD and I’m always trying to eat healthy, exercise and watch my weight. I’m so glad I found this euphoric seltzer drink.

Troy K.
5 stars

I’ve already re-ordered and scheduled repeat shipments! The New Brew beverage was something I was skeptical about but I immediately felt the effects after half of my first can. It made me feel incredibly relaxed, happy and I found that when I take it before bed, I sleep really well with minimal movement during the night.

Robby H.
5 stars

I love this. I wouldn’t drink it everyday, but it’s a great alternative to alcohol and coffee. No jittery feeling, no caffeine crash. Light, energetic, yet chill feeling. I bought the variety pact to try and mango is my favorite.

Heidi D.
5 stars

Husband and I both enjoyed the relaxing euphoria and good energy we felt after drinking New Brew! Writing this review before I put my second order in! Thanks New Brew❤️

Laura M.
5 stars

Loving this alternative as I’ve been alcohol free and looking for a nice uplifting beverage without the hang-xiety the next day

Erin W.
5 stars

Amazing! So relaxing! Great stress reliever for weekend! Just one drink was enough for me and helped SO much!

Courtney P.
5 stars

Love my New Brew! Great lift in the afternoons while painting in the studio!

Kimberly V.
5 stars

Very relaxing beverage, a preferred drink to wind down after a long day at work instead of alcohol. Happy to have a healthier alternative. :)

Julie R.
5 stars

Ordered these but was skeptical because I tried other non alcoholic drinks and mixes that frankly was extremely disappointing and annoyed that I wasted money on. But these I love, both in taste and quality of product. I have reordered and subscribed because I was extremely satisfied. Thank you!

5 stars

My sister lives in California and she shared one of these with me during my visit. I was very impressed, so impressed when I got back to Michigan, I ordered a case! They are very refreshing, light and really give me a euphoric feeling.

Amanda B.