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Welcome to the
Kratom & Kava corner

Your resource for becoming an educated and responsible user of these wonderful and transformative plants. We encourage everyone to read through it before making New Brew a part of their lives.


Kratom and kava are naturally-occurring plant medicines that have been in use for hundreds of years by indigenous peoples.

These plants are effective alternatives to other common vices, and when used properly can help improve our lives and reimagine our social rituals.

These plants have been misrepresented, maligned and at times prohibited based on sensationalist headlines and unrigorous research, creating the false impression that they are inherently dangerous.

Based on our research, the evidence doesn’t bear that out. If given the right information, informed adults can make decisions for themselves about whether to use them.

In our view, everyone will benefit from more information and clearer guidelines on the responsible use of these plants, as well as the introduction of common sense standards for dosage, labeling and manufacturing.

Let’s delve deeper...

We started New Brew with the mission  of reintroducing plants into the ceremony of drinking here in the US. Our first beverage features two of them – kratom leaf and kava root – that we believe have a place in that ceremony. Kratom and kava are powerful plants with real effects, which is why they have found a place in human cultures for thousands of years. But they are new to most Americans.


That’s why, beyond providing access to these plants, New Brew’s mission is also to educate and inform the public about their origins, history, and benefits as well as their  potential risks. In doing so, we hope to dispel some of the myths and misinterpretations that persist around them.

As we’ll see, a lack of education and the absence of clear standards for manufacturing, dosage and labeling - along with disinformation campaigns designed to suppress these plants - have conspired to keep them relatively unknown and poorly represented.


New Brew hopes to change that. We believe that an honest accounting of the history and science around kratom and kava shows them to be promising natural alternatives to other functional substances. But this is only true if, as with other potent plants, they are used responsibly and in moderation by informed adults.  The problem is that most Americans are not only uninformed about kratom and kava, they are misinformed..

So - welcome to the kratom and kava corner - your resource for becoming an educated and responsible user of these transformative plants.  We encourage everyone to read through it before making New Brew a part of their lives.

How to Enjoy Responsibly

New Brew is natural but has real effects

Unlike other functional beverages, New Brew is something you will feel. Know that going in.

New Brew is for adults only

Don’t drink New Brew if you are under 18. In certain states, the age limit is 21. Please follow the law in your state.

New Brew Contains small servings of Kratom and Kava

New Brew contains 25mg of kratom extract and 125mg of kava root extract, which are low doses when compared to other available products containing these ingredients.

Don't drink New Brew everyday

Anything that feels good (and this does) can be habit-forming. Those who do form a habit may experience withdrawal symptoms similar to those indicated with coffee.

Avoid New Brew if you are practicing abstinence

Kratom and Kava have real mind-altering effects and may not be suitable for those who want to remain substance-free.

Avoid drinking at night if you’re sensitive to caffeine

There is a small amount of caffeine in New Brew, and Kratom can act as a mild stimulant, so keep that in mind when drinking it later in the day.

Drink it slowly to assess your tolerance

Chances are this is one of your first times taking these plants. New Brew has real effects, so take it easy and listen to your body.

🌿  Dig Deeper into Kava and Kratom  🌿

(Mitragyna Speciosa)

Kratom is tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family of plants that is native to mainland Southeast Asia. The leaves of the Kratom plant contain a broad spectrum of 40+ alkaloids, including mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, the two most associated with its medicinal properties.

(Piper Methysticum)

Kava is a shrub in the pepper family native to Vanuatu and islands in Polynesia. Its roots contains lactones responsible for its unique effects. Of the 15 lactones isolated from kava, 6 major lactones (kavalactones) are known to provide psychoactive activity: kawain, methysticin, demethoxy-yangonin, dihydrokawain, dihydomethysicin,  & yongonin.

Low Dose
Calm Energy
Mood Elevation
Pain Relief
High Dose
Calm Energy
Mood Elevation
Low Dose
Heart Opening
Numbing Sensation
High Dose
Heart Opening
Numbing Sensation

Kratom has been used for hundreds of years in southeast Asian countries, typically in the form of raw leaves into a strong tea. Kratom tea is enjoyed as a productivity tool as well as for natural pain relief.

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Drink of the Gods Documentary

Kava root has been a centerpiece of social life in Melanesia for thousands of years, an agent of kinship and community high valued for its ability to calm nerves and reduce inhibitions. It is typically made by grounding and pulverising the roots of the kava plant and mixing with water. “You cannot hate with kava in you, so it is used in the making up of quarrels, and in peacemaking,” remarked one anthropologist in an early 1930’s look into its roles in the culture of Vanauatu

Since the DEA backed away from its proposed scheduling in 2016, Kratom has been on a clear trajectory towards being regulated and accepted as a mainstream substance for adults. We see evidence of this trend in two key areas: Mounting clinical evidence testifying to Kratoms’s safety, and the reversal of bans and increased adoption for the Kratom Consumer Protection Act among US states. New Brew is working directly with the AKA to support the KCPA in California and nationwide.

Contested research has caused some regions to pass laws restricting kava’s use and distribution, including the UK, Poland, Canada and Germany. A 2002 German study linked kava to liver damage, leading to the a now-reversed regulatory ban in Germany. The research also prompted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to issue a consumer advisory that year for supplements containing kava. Those findings, however, have been largely disputed since.

How To Enjoy
How will I feel after drinking New Brew?

New Brew produces a non-inebriating bliss, with a symphony of effects that include a positive attitude shift and a balanced feeling of calm, clarity and connection. 

Please take care when trying New Brew for the first time. text-fill and Kava are new to most Americans and affect everyone differently, so listen carefully to your body when you try New Brew and decide whether more is the right call. Sip to assess your tolerance.

When should I drink New Brew?

New Brew can be enjoyed at any time of the day, morning through evening. The most common time to enjoy New Brew is in the afternoon and early evening as you transition to another phase of the day - before a workout, after work, in lieu of a cocktail or another cup of coffee.

Why is it 21+?

New Brew is an adult beverage. New Brew employs two primary active ingredients:  text-fill leaf and Kava root, which are the keys to the formula’s unique potency. While text-fill is currently unregulated by the FDA, there is an emerging scientific and legal consensus that text-fill leaf should only be used by adults 21+ and over. New Brew strongly supports emerging standards stipulating that text-fill only be used by responsible adults.

Can I drink more than one at a time?

Yes, but we recommend starting with one to see how you feel. One of the best parts of New Brew is that unlike drinks with alcohol and sugar, a small serving produces a sense of satisfied contentment. You might find yourself without the urge to keep consuming. Sip it slow to assess your tolerance, as everyone metabolizes New Brew differently, based on a range of physical and circumstantial factors. Most people will feel the effects after one serving.

What happens if I drink too much?
  • Common short-term side effects for text-fill and Kava include nausea, constipation and loss of appetite. 
  • Each can of New Brew contains a serving of 25mg of text-fill leaf extract and 125mg of Kava root extract, which fall on the low end of commercially available products containing these ingredients. 
  • That being said, New Brew is a potent beverage for adults and these ingredients are likely to have effects even at New Brew’s small serving size..
Can I replace coffee with New Brew?

Definitely. But to be clear, New Brew’s 30mg serving of caffeine is not a 1-1 replacement for the energy jolt you get from coffee – it’s really apples and oranges. New Brew’s ingredients produce a more balanced, connected and focused state of mind than coffee, without the jitters and crash.

Does New Brew give you energy?

Yes, but not the same kind of energy you get from coffee or energy drinks. There is 30mg caffeine in a single serving - about a quarter of a cup of coffee - which is primarily from the natural tea used in our formula.

Does New Brew help you sleep?

It really depends on the individual. The formula for New Brew is not designed to help with sleep and for some people the small amount of caffeine in the product may make falling asleep more difficult.

Is New Brew Habit Forming?

Anything that makes you feel good can become habit-forming, including caffeine, sugar and New Brew. Only use New Brew in the recommended quantities, and be thoughtful about your consumption.

Those in recovery or practicing strict abstinence may want to avoid New Brew because of its genuine mood-altering effects.

Active Ingredients
What Are the Active Ingredients?
  • The primary active ingredients are text-fill leaf extract and kava root extract. 
  • Kava is a root from Polynesia and has long been used there in drinks that are often consumed in social settings.  Kava produces mild to moderate sedative effects and a light sense of bliss. 
  • text-fill is an evergreen tree from Southeast Asia. Traditionally, the plant is brewed into a tea and consumed for productivity and pain-relief. text-fill produces a mild to moderate sense of bliss alongside a calm and crash-free energy.
Are These Ingredients Legal?
  • Kava is legal for sale and use in all 50 states. 
  • text-fill is legal in the United States at a federal level. It is not covered by the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). That said, specific states and counties have banned the sale of text-fill within their jurisdictions. 
  • In 2016, the DEA threatened to prohibit text-fill's sale and use; advocates and lawmakers subsequently pushed back, the DEA reversed course 2 months later in response to congressional pushback and mounting clinical evidence showing its safety, and the stricter scheduling of text-fill that would have prompted that sort of ban never occurred. 
  • text-fill is not regulated by the FDA (see The FDA and text-fill from the FDA site). Unfortunately, the absence of clear guidance from the FDA has suppressed investment in the industry and allowed unsafe products onto the market, many of which have led to some bad headlines and a broad misunderstanding about the plant.
  • New Brew supports the passage of the text-fill Consumer Protection Act (KCPA), and the broader efforts of the American text-fill Association to introduce common sense standards for the sale and use of text-fill by adults.
Are These Ingredients Safe?

text-fill and kava are both proving to be safe for use by adults when sourced reliably, manufactured properly and taken in responsible amounts. text-fill has long been misrepresented as an unsafe plant, but new clinical evidence is dispelling that stigma. In a recent example, a 2020 peer-reviewed clinical study found that,across a wide dosing range, text-fill was very safe and did not affect respiration or coordination.”

Is New Brew Safe for Pregnant Women?
  • It’s safest to avoid drinking New Brew if you are pregnant, trying to conceive or breastfeeding. 
  • Please contact your physician, midwife or other appropriate medical professional before using New Brew.
Where Are the Active Ingredients Sourced?

New Brew’s active ingredients are locally sourced from their native habitats through a single GMP-certified supplier who owns and manages their own plots of land where the plants are grown. New Brew’s text-fill currently comes from Indonesia and New Brew’s Kava currently comes from Vanuatu.

How Is New Brew Sweetened?
  • Organic cane sugar 
  • Monkfruit extract
  • Agave 
  • Stevia
Is It Lab Tested?

Yes. New Brew’s active ingredients are all 3rd party lab tested, in compliance with the standards set forth by the American text-fill Association (AKA). Each batch of New Brew is then lab tested for safety after production by our GMP-certified manufacturing partner.

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